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Dec 29, 2012 1:00pm PST
least four people were killed after a plane crashed in russia's busiest airport. 12 crew members but no passengers were on board at the time of the accident. new york police have a woman in connection with the murder of a man pushed into a subway train, they say she is believed to be homeless and emotionally disturbed. she was arrested and made statements to policie implicatig herself in the murder. >>> and a lawyer for the family said that his client of a 6-year-old student heard screaming and shooting over an intercom and has said that they failed to provide a safe school setting for the client. >>> armed volunteers around schools in arizona, that is the plan of maricopa county sheriff. he is referred to as the toughest sheriff in the country c can. he calls the volunteer army as his posse, meanwhile, guns are flying off the shelves. gun owners are stock piles assault rifles fearing a ban on the weapons, perhaps. joining me is arizona attorney general tom horn, pushing for the ability to arm at least one school official per school. good to have you. >> good to be here. thank you fo
Dec 15, 2012 5:00am PST
, i spoke with reporters from russia, from japan. a journalist from canada here as well. obviously, the fact that we have kindergartners, and elementary school students has touched a nerve in a way that i think some of these mass shootings have not before, chris. >> msnbc's chris jansing reporting from the screen in yesterday's shooting in newtown, connecticut, we'll be hearing more from you later. we're going to hold on. there's going to be a press conference in just a few moments. right now, my panel, dave colin, radio host of wbii-fm's wake-up call. howard wolfson from affairs at bloomberg. and amy. it's wonderful to have you here this morning on an awful and somber occasion. i want to start out by saying, dave, you know, i have this horrifying realization yesterday that we have, you know, developmented a go-to roster of guests to deal with mass shootings which is sort of a chilling realization in a very basic human level. you get caught up in the news cycle. and one of the things i want to start out with, because right now there's a tremendous are demand for information. and an
Dec 8, 2012 5:00am PST
russia as the single largest producer of natural gas in the world could find itself the world's biggest oil producer on a consistent basis for the first time since the first half of the 20th century. in energy circles you hear the phrase saudi america used to refer to this future fossil fuel juggernaut. you might look at this and say fantastic. america is finally into sight of that promised destination, energy independence. not only can we cheaply supply our own power grid and vehicles and army, we can make money all over the world reversing the long trend toward ever wide trading imbalances. during the campaign this was more or less the argument president obama made. >> we have increased oil production for the highest levels in 16 years. we're actually drilling more on public lands than in the previous administration. we're less dependent on foreign oil than any time in 20 years. we're moving in the right direction in terms of energy independent. we've built enough pipeline to wrap around the entire earth. >> delighting in our carbon extraction boom is staggeringly almost psychopath th
Dec 29, 2012 5:00am PST
collapsed, places like russia, eastern europe. and for the rest of the world growth has basically meant increases in carbon. so the idea that comes from mainstream economics that you can decouple carbon from the size of the economy is not at all born out over the last 20 years. >> it's born out of germany. if someone can do it, it can be done, right? is that the answer? >> well, they've had very little slow gdp growth. and there they are an unusual economy. they've been able to export a lot of their -- big export surplus. >> everyone want to be germany. in the future, we will all be net exporters. >> can i make what is going to sound in this context like the naive case for growth and remind us why -- >> i want you to. >> why it's actually important? so, you know, let's stipulate yes, climate change is really important and, yes, juliet is absolutely right. it's really hard to do both at the same time but we have to be really careful to sort of -- it can be easy to say, let's forget about growth. all of these other things, children playing and being happy are so important. the reality is
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4